Multi-Use Diaper Bag

In DIY, Momma Must Have, Sewing on September 17, 2012 at 10:01 am

I’ve been researching different patterns online to make myself a new “diaper” bag. I don’t have to carry much for the girls  and a regular diaper bag is way too bulky for us.I had been looking for something that would work for my purse and also carry a few diapers, wipes, etc. I also have a thing for pockets (Charlotte does as well so it appears that trait will carry on!)  and it is hard to find a bag that has enough pockets without having so many that I still lose things. After searching and searching I decided that what I was looking for was either too expensive or not out there so I tried my hand at creating my
own pattern.

I found the book Handbag Designer 101 at the library and used that as my starting point. I wanted a cross between a satchel and  a tote but it ended up being more of a messenger/tote. It’s my first time designing a bag so I figure it turned out pretty well, even though not exactly what I had in mind. The pattern itself is very basic, it consists of 5 pieces; front/back, sides, bottom,
pockets, and handles. I wasn’t thinking when I started the project so I’m not exactly sure how much fabric was used but I know that it was about a yard or less of both styles and stablizer.

The exterior, sides, and handles are a bargin fabric I found at Wal-Mart a few years ago. It is more of a heavy-weight fabric and would most likely have been used for a suit. The liner/pockets is a cotton print I found at Hancock’s Fabric last spring. It was a remanent so I didn’t have a lot to work with but I loved it so much I couldn’t pass it up! For the handles I had some rope leftover from my storage container project and it fit perfect inside the handles to strengthen them. I added magnetic clasps behind the straps so I can close the bag. After church the Hubs often puts his bible in my bag and it’s a wee bit heavy so the handles HAD to be sturdy. (That’s what I get for buying him a nice study bible a few years ago) I also put a piece of foam board at the bottom to give it a nice sturdy bottom. Biggest perk; it only took two days to make!!

I’ve been able to use it quite a few times and it has been perfect! My future-sister-in-law has already requested one for when she has babies.

Happy Crafting!

  1. Nice! The finishing looks really good and the foam board is a great idea.

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