Refurbished Men’s Polo

In Clothing, Sewing on October 1, 2012 at 11:41 am

The Hubs went through and cleaned out his closet a few weeks ago. This means that I get a bunch of shirts to play with! I’ve been trying to find some shirts that are easy to nurse in AND hid the momma-belly I’m slowly shedding. I really liked the dark navy and strips of this one so I thought it was a good first choice in the¬†experimenting.

I cut the bottom in a nice swoop starting at the top of the split. Instead of hemming the bottom I just ran in through my serger which has white and black thread in it currently.

The sleeves where cut at the seem and gathered so they puff at the shoulder. I sewed them back on and took in the sides at the same time.

I cut off the collar and buttoned up the buttons. The back of the shirt already had a nice little semi-circle at the top where they have the labels and what not. I cut that out and set it aside to do a small pocket on the front of the shirt. It still seemed a bit too high necked for me so I cut it just a bit deeper and put a small hem on the new neckline.

The shirt completed is actually worn “backwards” compared to the original design. I still want to swap out the buttons and jazz up the back a bit. I have a few more shirts of his to redo but I found they need to be at least a couple sizes to big to really get the play room. He has a couple that would almost fit me and they do not nearly as well with this sort of design. I’ll keep playing with them though!

Happy Crafting!


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