Easy Knit Skirts

In Clothing, DIY, Pregnancy, Sewing on October 24, 2012 at 8:11 am

While I was pregnant the only bottoms that fit comfortably were skirts. I decided that it was going to be cheaper to make them myself.

This was my first attempt. The skirt is four pieces that all have a slight A-line to them. The waistband was as long as my waistline and double the height of what I was wanting so that it would double over nicely for the waistband. The knit stretches a bit more than I would like as far as the waistband is concerned.

The second attempt knit was not as stretchy. Again I went with an A-line but I cut it longer across so that I could gather it a bit and have a nice fuller effect. The waistband was done the same as the first skirt. Unfortunatly this one has too little of a stretch and the waistband did not work. I took it in and then it pulled too much when I would put it on. On to the third attempt!

The final skirt I did followed the same cut for the second skirt but instead of using the fabric for the waist band, I used elastic. It stretches perfectly and when I was pregnant I never wore a shirt tucked in so it didn’t matter that it wasn’t a pretty waistband. After the fact, well I still don’t tuck in shirts so it’s worked perfectly!

I still wear all three skirts. I just had to add some elastic the the waistbands to make them fit a bit better post-baby.

Happy Crafting!!

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