Ruffle Dress Shirt

In Clothing, Creative Fun, DIY, Momma Must Have, Sewing on November 14, 2012 at 7:41 am

Just a short time ago this wonderful shirt was one of the Hub’s dress shirts.

He didn’t like the way it fits anymore and was put in the donation pile. I loved the coloring of it and decided that I needed to see if I could refurb it for myself. I cut the collar off just above the seam. I cut the sleeves off also at the seam and cut them into 2 inch strips. One sleeve was sewn together to create the main ruffle that goes all the way around the shirt and collar. The other sleeve was used for the two ruffles on each side. The ruffles just have a zig zag stitch so that they still have a rugged look while not fraying any more.

To fix the front to allow for a bust I added a dart from the lowest part of the sleeve opening. I also put two darts down the front and each side. All four of these darts end before my hips to allow for some flair. I have become a bit hippy after two children and needed to keep the space there.

The sleeve openings were a bit too big after I cut the sleeves off and wanted to find something to close them up a bit. I took the the collar and pined it where I needed it to be and then sewed right on the existing seam, creating a fun little bra cover.

All-in-all I love the way it turned out! I’ve been able to wear it a few time already and it’s fun with a nice wide belt on the natural waistline.  I’d love to see any creations you’ve been able to do using an old men’s dress shirt!

Happy Crafting!!

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