Side Opening Nursing Top

In Uncategorized on December 20, 2012 at 11:37 am

This will most likely be one of my shortest posts but I wanted to share in my excitement; I have successfully created my first nursing shirt! There are some more modifications that need to be made so after I do the next one I plan on posting my very first tutorial! After searching for months to find a pattern and never finding something quite to my liking I created my own. It has s side opening for nursing and was somewhat inspired by this: Image I will post pictures soon but I wanted to be sure to share this will all of you. I am going to make another one tonight or tomorrow and fix some of my mistakes. Next week I’ll have the tutorial up! Look for it soon!

Happy Crafting!

  1. Ohhhh I am past my nursing days for now, but if it happens again I will be sewing lots of nursing tops! Love them!!

  2. […] had seen a nursing shirt online and thought that I could replicate it fairly well to avoid paying the outrageous price and shipping […]

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