In Musings on December 31, 2012 at 10:59 pm

 I’m going to do something I normally don’t do; rant.

Over the past few months I have seen a lot of information on our food. What’s good for you, what’s not, etc. There are hundreds of diets out there and they all tell you something different, though these days they are starting to merge a bit. Eat organic! Eat grass-fed! Eat gluten-free! Again it goes on and on.

What has happened to us? I agree that we all need to eat healthy. We all need to eat more greens and a wide rainbow of veggies and fruits. We need to limit our sweets intake (I am HORRIBLE at that). My question stems from more of the fear of our food. It seems that if I make whole wheat pasta for my family I am doing something horrible because the wheat is genetically modified food. “This isn’t your Grandma’s wheat,” is something that has been said to really sell the awareness (or fear). I buy my daughter sugar-free applesauce so that she’s not getting extra high-fructose corn syrup but she’s still getting the pesticides used on the apple trees because the apples absorb them. I buy fresh spinach instead of canned but wait!; I grabbed regular spinach not organic.

I want us to be healthy! I want my girls to live long wonderful lives that is free from suffering as long as possible. I hate that I am beginning to look at our food, no matter how nutritious, and say to myself, “Am I just feeding them poison?” Now it’s to the point where I cannot read articles on food. I feel that I need to pick our food wisely, pay attention to what we are ingesting and then give it to God. I do not want to be flippant but I do not want to have my life wrapped around what we can and cannot eat. I do not want to spend hours each week trying to find recipes that will fit our new dietary ideals. I do not want to spend hours each month driving to the nearest whole foods every month to try to find these specialty foods and then put us in debt because of our grocery bill.

I know that without people getting outraged things will not change. If people continue to buy the products then companies will not make them healthier or better for us. I may not be helping any cause by adopting this attitude but I will be trying to do what is best for our family. We will become more diligent gardeners and continue to cut out processed food, but I will not let myself be afraid of my food again.

  1. I’m sorry that food has become so difficult.I try to make it easier on myself. I don’t listen to food fads (like gluten free). It’s a theory, and we have to eat something. We live where we live, when we live. We’ve developed along with our food. For me the important things are to avoid processed foods, read the labels, cook from scratch at home… and enjoy! I think you’re doing it all right 🙂

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