The Hub’s Christmas Quilt

In DIY, Sewing on January 9, 2013 at 11:57 pm

About three or four years ago I decided to make the Hubs a t-shirt quilt. It turned out pretty well, for my first quilt. As the time as gone on I’ve perfected my skills a bit. I had enough shirts to make another quilt and decided it would be a great year for another quilt. He’s always cold and I get sick of hearing it. (One of the joys of having children, my internal temp went up when I was pregnant with Charlotte and never went back down. I’m almost always running hotter than everyone around me.)

When we were at Hancock’s he had seen some Cardinals fleece and said that he’d love a blanket made out of it. I decided to combine the ideas. Too keep the quilt ridiculously warm I still added the batting layer. I had sewing over the designs on the shirts so I decided to a wavy stitch over the seams and left it at that. I also love doing the rag-quilted edging. Jason Quilt Back

He loved the new quilt! I think the only time he’s taken it off the bed is when I’ve washed it. So now we have 2 quilts, 1 fleece blanket and, 1 down comforter on the bed…all for him (And he’s going to kill me for teasing him publicly *again* about this).Jason Quilt Front

Happy Crafting!

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