Charlotte’s Cuddle Blanket

In Creative Fun, DIY, For a Kiddo on January 14, 2013 at 1:02 pm

While I was still wading through the sea of ideas for Christmas I thought I should try to learn some new crochet stitches, just in case I needed them later.

Basket Weave Stitch First one was the basket-weave stitch. I was SUPER excited once I mastered this one. I love the texture that you get with a few simple changes to a regular double crochet stitch.

Parallel Post StitchNext one I went for was the parallel post stitch. It was a little bit more difficult but I was able to master it within a few days and again; love the texture.

Seed StitchWhat started me on this texture quest was this stitch, the seed stitch. Adelaide had gotten a cuddle blanket using this and I loved the simplistic design. It took me longer than I care to admit to learn this one but once I did I realized how simple and amazing it is!

Ripple Stitch Last one I tried was the ripple stitch. It did not turn out how it looked in the book but I followed the directions to the T AND I went back double, triple and, quadruple checked to make sure that I followed them correctly. I like the stitch but it’s doubtful I would use it again.

Charlotte's Cuddle Blanket Here’s the final product. After putting it all together I realized that I put WAY too much border on the squares but Charlotte loves it anyway. It was a great way to use the squares I had made while learning. I may end up making an entire blanket one day as I continue to learn fun new stitches.

Happy Crafting!


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