White Facinator Hat

In Creative Fun on February 4, 2013 at 7:30 pm

I love hats; always have, always will. Last year when I was looking for a hat for Easter I had the hardest time finding one that I liked at a decent price. The other problem was that they are very hard to find here in the States. I decided that I was going to make them myself.

I started working on the bases a few weeks ago and decided that I needed to finish a hat and get it posted on Etsy this week. Here is the hat before decoration: Facinator Hat Topside

For the underside I decided to make a quilted piece to give it a little cushion to make it a bit more comfortable to wear. Facinator Hat Bottomside

The decoration took me longer than it needed to because my ideas kept changing asI went along. Facinator Hat Full

I have white birdcage veiling that I could’ve used but I think I’m going to save it for the next hat. I really liked the simplicity of this design. Facinator Hat Close

The biggest change that happened while working on it would be the feathers. I really wanted to use them but the plume was falling apart. I decided to take the afterfeathers out and glue them directly to the rosette. I thought this would also keep them from falling out while the hat was being worn.


I am really happy with how this hat turned out and I hope that someone will enjoy it as much as I do! Here’s the etsy listing.

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