Boot Liners-Oh Boy!

In Clothing, DIY, Sewing on February 14, 2013 at 4:32 pm

This item was also on Meghan’s Christmas wish list. She had sent me a tutorial but let’s be honest; I didn’t read it. I had a sweater that I loved the pattern and coloring but, it did not fit right anymore. Breast-feeding two children will do that to you. I have kept it around for a special project and decided that Meghan was special enough to finally use it. Boot liners

To make things simple, I had Meghan measure the fattest part of her calf so I knew how wide to make the liners and cut the sweater long enough so the liners would hit about the ankle. I then took the piece and cut at the original seams, sewed up the side for both and,  serged the new bottom to prevent unraveling. I wanted to add something festive and decided the buttons would be perfect.  I also went back and sewed some elastic thread to the bottom but it turns out that it didn’t do what I was wanting it to do so I guess it was a wasted step. Boot liner off

I really liked how these turned out and if I ever have time I will be making a pair for myself; with a new sweater. Now to find something to do with the sleeves and the hood from this sweater!

Happy Crafting!

  1. Great idea! These are super cute! 🙂

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