Crocheted Glove and Scarf Set (with Pattern)

In Clothing, Crochet on February 18, 2013 at 7:48 am

My sister Natalie wanted gloves for Christmas this year. I asked if she wasn’t up to the idea of mittens. No. They needed to be gloves. My hesitation came from the fact that I didn’t know how to crochet gloves. My mom use to make a lot of our presents and that is a tradition that I want to continue. There is nothing better than something that was handmade by someone that loves you. So to the original dilemma; how do I crochet gloves?Natalie's Christmas Set

I searched the internet in my usual places and couldn’t a single pattern. I decided to widen my search and found this easy-to-use pattern. It worked out wonderfully with a few alterations. I have long hands and I assumed that my sister did as well. I can never find gloves to fit my long fingers and long palms. The seam of each finger always seems to stop a least 1 centimeter before the crease of my finger and it drives me crazy! It’s like having the seam of your sock somewhere other than your toes. I digress. I wanted to make sure that these gloves would fit Natalie well so I altered the gloves by adding two rows before the thumb opening, two rows after the thumb opening and, two rows in each finger. I also widened the thumb opening by two (two seems to be a theme here). By widening the thumb I made it slightly less reversible because I kept the additional open chains on the same side. When it was truly reversible the gloves seemed to pull at my thumbs a bit and it was uncomfortable. Natalie Scarf and Glove Set

I wanted the scarf to match the gloves so I created a pattern that was really basic.

Row 1: Ch. 23

Row 2: 1 sc in 3rd ch from hook, 1 sc in next 20 chs, ch 1, turn. (working through booth loops)

Row 3-9: sc in each ch, ch 1, turn

Row 10: sc in each ch, ch 3, turn

Row11-29: dc in each ch, ch 3, turn

Row 30: dc in each ch, ch 1, turn

Row 31: Repeat Row 2

Row 32-39: Repeat 3-9

Row 40: Repeat 10

Row 41-59: Repeat 11-29

Row 60: Repeat 30

Row 61: Repeat Row 2

Row 62-69: Repeat Row 3-9

Row 70: Repeat 10

Row 71-89: Repeat 11-29

Row 90: Repeat 30

If you are wanting to make the scarf even longer feel free to add another set of rows. I loved the simplicity of the design o the gloves and felt that it transferred to the scarf pretty well. She loved the set and I did too!

Happy Crafting!!




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