Easter Hat

In Clothing, Creative Fun on April 25, 2013 at 9:21 am

First things first, I need to share with you my Easter hat and how I made it!

Easter Hat Front

The hat is made out of burlap (because it had the texture I was looking for and the color), fabric stiffener, bias tape, wire and decorations.

Easter Hat Cut 

First I took the fabric and cut it using my largest round platter. I didn’t worry about how clean the edges were because I was going to clean it up after it was shaped.

Easter hat Shaped and Wetted Down 

Then I took a bowl out of the cabinet to use as my block as I do not have one and my Mom’s block has been lost or given away. I used the fabric stiffener on the top and the sides and then put a rubber band around it to keep it in place. I ended putting about two-three coats on to make sure that it was good and stiff!

Easter Hat Head Piece 

As I was trying on that hat (after the glue dried of course) I decided that it was going to work the best tilted instead of flat on my head. I wanted to be able to wear the hat without hat pins so I cut a piece out of the extra burlap to create a crown for the hat.

Hat Form with Wire 

I used the Styrofoam mannequin head to shape the crown piece and to give it some extra hold power I hot glued wire around the edges. Hat Form Covered 

I edged the crown with white bias tape to hide the wire and the rough edges. I had planned on using the burlap to do this but I liked the white so much I did it on the main piece and this one.

Full Hat w Trim

 Here’s the main piece with trim. I added trim around the middle after I took the picture to show a little depth.

Hat Attached 

To attach the two pieces I just carefully hot glued around the base of the main piece and pressed.

Underside Flower 

I wanted the main decoration to be a daisy again this year. They are fun and festive for Spring!

Here’s a 360 degree look at the finished product:

Easter Hat Front Easter Hat Side TwoEaster Hat BackEaster Hat Side One 

I used the fabric from the Hub’s Easter vest for the bow in the back and then used extra fabric from my dress and one of the blue flowers from Charlotte’s dress. I think it turned out pretty well for my first big handmade hat! The wire worked amazingly well to keep the hat in place and I can’t wait to make another one. Did any of you do an Easter hat this year?

Happy Crafting!

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