Vest for the Hubs

In Clothing, Sewing on April 26, 2013 at 8:55 am

In all of the craziness of Easter I decided that this year the Hubs needed something made as well. I love the look of a vest on a man. They pull in the look to make it look together and they also are slimming because Lord knows those dress shirts are VERY bulky. I dug this old pattern out of my pattern cabinet and set to work.

Jason Vest Pattern

The fabric is actually home dec fabric that I got for $6 a yard at Hancock Fabrics. I had looked in the suiting and couldn’t find quite what I had envisioned. Never be afraid to venture out of a set area when looking for fabric! The pattern was fairly easy. I did not understand what they were trying to tell me when piecing everything together but in the end it came together nicely.  Jason Vest

There is a belt piece that goes in the back but the vest fit so nicely to begin with that I took out that extra step in the process. The BIG headache came when he tried on the vest. It was a little too short. He was out of town while I made it so of course I didn’t even think that length would come into play. I ended up taking the top and bottom apart and put a 3/5″ seem in to give it a touch more length. It worked out and now I know for the next one to add more fabric in the first place.

 Jason Vest Back

My favorite thing about it is the buttons. These were the most perfect buttons holes I have ever sewn into a project and I loved the collegiate charm of the lions.

Jason Vest Buttons

Thankfully the Hubs wore the vest without major hesitation and said that he will not fight me on the vests any more! Hooray!

Happy Crafting!


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