Fascinator Hats (Derby Hats)

In Clothing, Creative Fun on May 2, 2013 at 12:52 pm

Awhile back I had posted projects that I was working on and I finally have a chance to share with you the hats that I was able to create! I have them all in my Etsy shop under the Hat Shoppe and Wedding Veils.

Green Back

Green Front

The green hat was inspired by mardi gras and all the fun colors that come with that. The purple tulle has glitter on it and is three large rosettes piled on each other. The peacock feather in the back is most likely my favorite thing about this one.

White Veil Two Back

White Veil Two Front

Since I was getting ready for a bridal event I needed to make some hats with veils. I stuck with a nice bird cage veil to keep it simple. The hat has deco mesh for the height and I was surprised at how much I loved working with it. It created height so flawlessly and was so fun to shape. I finished this veil off with a small emerald green rosette in the back for a hint of color and have pearlized beads throughout the main piece.

Hot Pink Back

Hot Pink Front

I started working on this one just wanted to play with creating height with tulle; once again there is glitter in the tulle. Once it was finished I wasn’t really sure if I liked it or not but seeing it on someone it is so fun and turned out well!

White Veil Front

White Veil Back

This was my second veil and this time I wanted it all white so the green rosette was replaced with a white one and I went with solid white pearls surrounded by CZ.

I think they all turned out very well and had a lot of fun making them! Do you guys have any ideas for me for the next set of hats?

Happy Crafting!

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