Adelaide’s Fancy Sweater

In Crochet, For a Kiddo on May 3, 2013 at 1:53 pm

I had seen a really cute cardigan on Annie’s Crochet Catalog and loved the pineapple design used for the back and the sides. I didn’t want to pay for the pattern because I always have a dozen projects in the works and can’t always get to a new one in a timely manner. I ended finding almost the exact pattern for the pineapple square design here on Instead of jumping into a project for myself I wanted to make a sweater for Adelaide. I wanted something cute/fancy so she could wear it for special occasions and church.

Adelaide's Sweater

I used almost an entire skein of Baby Bee Yarn and a G/6 hook for the entire sweater. The front of the sweater is made entirely of a double crochet and has a off-center V-neck.

Adelaide's Sweater (1)

The back is the square pineapple pattern with eight of the nine rows. The square was getting a little big and I didn’t want to take the entire thing apart just to use a smaller hook. The pattern took me nine tries to get it right. I was constantly taking apart and redoing but I finally got it right! It was just such a pretty design not to master.

Adelaide's Sweater (2)

The sleeves are *ch 2, dc* increasing one set for 8 rows then holding steady to get the bell sleeves.

Adelaide's Sweater (3)

The sweater ended up being so big that Charlotte could fit into it without much of a struggle. The pattern is even prettier with her purple shirt behind it.

Adelaide's Sweater (7)

The sweater fits Adelaide but really just turned out too big. I’m hoping that it will fit her better in the fall. I would love to see if anyone can replicate the sweater and have it fit a bit better.

Happy Crafting!

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