Easter Dress 2013 (Nursing Friendly)

In Clothing, Sewing on May 7, 2013 at 7:55 am

This year’s Easter dress was a little more fun than usual because I had an idea in my head and I was trying to match it. Thankfully I was able to match it nearly PERFECTLY with only a small change to an existing pattern.  The patten came from the pattern cabinet and was the first one that I’ve used that was a send-away pattern. I don’t know the brand but I know that they come from New York and the mailing date on the pattern was Sept. 1960.

I wanted the dress to have two different fabrics, the sides to be a solid white and the front and back panel to have a pattern. I wanted a square neckline so that had to be changed from the pattern and I wanted a full skirt using this petticoat that I had made before. This meant that I needed to add extra fabric to every panel equally so that the skirt laid out correctly. The dress also had short sleeves but considering that we had 13″ of snow the week before Easter I thought 3/4 length sleeves were a good idea.

Easter Dress 2013

I also noticed that on the pattern they had shown the design with buttons. I am not great at buttons and this was before I made the Hub’s vest and rocked the button holes.  I decided to add pearl snaps down the front and voila! The dress is now nursing-friendly.

Easter Dress Snaps close-up

Easter Dress Snaps Undone

I didn’t want to make a belt because let’s face it, I was tired. I opted to use a wide satin ribbon to tie everything together and I think it turned out well. I even got to have fun putting in a side zipper, which I had yet to do. I think next year’s dress is going to be a challenge because I’ll want to outdo this dress.

Easter Dress Back

Happy Crafting!

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