Jewelry Wall Hanger with Tutorial

In DIY, Jewelry on May 8, 2013 at 7:38 am

For Christmas this past year I was needing to find something to make for my Mother-in-Law. She LOVES jewelry and has an extensive collection. The year before I made her a hanger for her earrings but a few months before Christmas I noticed that she needed something for necklaces and bracelets. While I looked at her collection it came to me! A jewelry hanger in a large frame; that was the answer.

Jewelry HangerI wish I had taken pictures as I worked on this but unfortunately I was concerned with getting it finished for Christmas. I can at least walk you through it so that you can make your own!

The frame is an open-back 18X24 frame from Hobby Lobby. The backing for the hardware of the piece is ¼ inch thick cork board and foam board cut to size. I glued the two pieces together and let them sit with HEAVY books on them for a few days to make sure that the glue stuck without an issue. Cork can be difficult to bond so keep that in mind.

After the glue was dry and the pieces were sticking well I covered the piece in soft burlap. I stretched the cloth and held it in place with gorilla tape in the back.

After this was done I took the frame back to Hobby Lobby to have them mount the board in the frame and add a wire hanger. They do this for a dollar and is COMPLETELY worth it! I asked not to have the paper backing so that I could see if the nails were going to poke through or not from the front and I wanted to be able to stabilize the bracelet holder.

Jewelry Hanger Necklace SideThe hooks for the necklaces I found at ACE hardware. They came in packs of 6 and are 3/8 inch cup hooks. I bought 4 packs to make a total of 24 hooks. I placed them by hand without a ruler. You might want to use a ruler. I have a tendency to eyeball things and even though reliable, not the best idea for everyone. The hooks screwed into the board and the cork holds them perfectly!

The bracelet brackets were made with Smoothfoam poles. I cut three 9 inch portions for the brackets themselves. For the sides I cut three 3 inch portions and then cut them in half length-wise for the sides. I covered all of the pieces in the burlap. One of the sides was glued to the pole and the other side had a magnet attached to the pole and the side bracket. This made it possible to slide bracelets on and off the pole without having to have the bracelet open. The magnets are craft power magnets and are awesome. They hold up even with the weight of the bracelets on the poles.

Jewelry Hanger Bracelet SideTo attach the brackets I hot glued them to the board and then put two 2” nails in through the back to keep them sturdy even under the weight of the bracelets. I also put a layer of hot glue over the nail heads to help keep them in place and not poke out of the back.

After all of these steps you are finally finished! The wire hanger helps to keep everything level even if you have jewelry that is heavier on one side. This piece hangs nicely and can become part of your room décor. If you decide to tackle this project please share your pictures; I’d love to see them!

Happy Crafting!


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