Taming my Yarn Mess

In Crochet, Projects Still To-Do on May 20, 2013 at 7:55 am

I had seen a yarn winder online and after debating and debating, I finally ordered it from Amazon. What a great buy that was! I love my yarn winder and will never again go without it.

I had worked on a shrug for myself and as I was working my yarn turned into a big mess. DSC_5447

It doesn’t look quite as bad when you hold it up, Copy of DSC_5448

but as I continued working it turn into this lovely pile.  DSC_5450

But with time (over an hour) and A LOT of patience this mess started taking shape, DSC_5449

and eventually became this nice compact ball that sits in one spot while I work.

Copy of DSC_5451

I have taken the opportunity to start cleaning up my entire yarn stash. It has worked amazingly well and I can easily find yarn without multiple skeins being tangled together.  Here is a perfect example of a before:

 Yarn Mess before Winder

and an after: Yarn Wound

Such a great space saver! I would recommend one to anyone who has started accumulating quite a stash. I got mine here on Amazon. This particular style seems to work best for 5 oz of yarn or smaller. Order accordingly.

Happy Crafting!

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