Adelaide’s Blankie

In Crochet, For a Kiddo on May 24, 2013 at 8:37 am

My youngest has turned into Linus. It’s adorable and frustrating at the same time. She will be content the moment you give her a crocheted blanket but until that moment she will continue to come unglued.

Big Skein of Yarn

I had started this project because I had a very large skein of yarn that I wanted to be put to use. I am thinking it’s a skein of the homestyle lion brand yarn but when I bought it it did not have a label (joys of clearance buys). With such a thick yarn I used a N-15/10 mm crochet hook.

Close-up of Pattern

I found a pattern in one of my crochet books (side note: when I pulled up the book to add a hyperlink I saw that the kindle copy is nearly $17. I must have bought it on sale because I only paid $3. Go me!). The pattern is called Triple Loop Shells. The skill level says experienced but  once you got going it wasn’t hard to master. After working with this pattern I have decided that it is much easier to follow a chart than to read a pattern, especially for any lace-type project. Google Books actually has the full book and here this the pattern page.

Tail of Yarn

The blanket came together very well. After all was said and finished I was left with a fairly small tail of yarn leftover. I was beyond excited about this because I guesstimated how wide the project should be and worked the rows until I didn’t have enough yarn to finish a row.

Blanket in Crib

For the blanket I started with 74 chains to create the foundation row. The final result was a blanket 27″ x 39″.

I have two small blankies (the size of a handkerchief) for Adelaide to carry in the car and when we go places that were made from the same brand of yarn. This blanket while cuddly soft is way to big to be carrying everywhere! It came together so quickly I really want to make another one!

Happy Crafting!

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