Meet Goliath II, the Elephant

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I have been working on this little guy for a long time it seems! I found this amazing pattern on Etsy for a little guy called Peanut. The pattern (seen here) was created by Amy at Little Muggles.  She has some amazing patterns in her shop so please check her out! She also posts on her blog:

The first time I made the little guy he turned out to be a big guy. He sits 11″ tall and has no neck strength. Remember when I posted about Horton and used the wrong stitch the entire time? Well I messed up with Peanut first. So this was my second go around.

He is still taller than the pattern indicates. I even used a smaller hook size and still he ended up about 9″ tall instead of 7.5″. I wonder if I am just a little big handed when it comes to crochet. I’ll have to actually do some pieces for gauge to see what I’m doing wrong.

The pattern has the elephant with spots and I decided to forgo the spots and create a tie and a flower for personality instead.

Goliath with a Tie

I couldn’t find a tie pattern I liked online so after a lot of trial and error I finally created something that would work. I’ll have to remake it and actually write down the pattern this time so I can share it will all of you!

Goliath with a Flower

The same goes for the flower neckband. Even though Goliath is a boy in my imagination I thought someone else may prefer a girly elephant, thus the flower neckband.

The best part of this post is that you can win him! Visit my facebook page for all the details. I’ve decided to do one giveaway a month of a project I have been working on. Unfortunately my budget will only allow me to ship within the US (Sorry everyone else!). I’m hoping this will be something fun for all.

I’m so excited to see if  you guys like him or not! Happy Crafting!

Goliath Giveaway


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