Men’s Shirt Refashion Part One (The Lace)

In Clothing, Crochet, DIY on June 11, 2013 at 12:15 pm

Here’s part one of the tutorial for this awesome shirt!

Men's Dress Shirt Refashion Crop Resizw

I had seen pictures of shirts with lace down the middle back of them. It had been suggested that you could simply sew the lace over an existing shirt then cut out the fabric. Sounds like a wonderful idea! Instead of buying lace (what would be the fun in that) I decided to make it myself.

For the past few months I have been falling in love with the vintage pineapple pattern. It is so easy and looks so fun! I thought this would be a perfect design to try out for the shirt. Here is the pattern I used:

pineapple crochet pattern

The pattern was taking from this Russian website were they were discussing how to make the crochet shorts Kate Hudson wore in Something Borrowed.

I used a steel hook  size 00 or 3.5 in metric. For the length I repeated the pattern three and half times to get four and half total blocks. The color choice for this project was not mine. I asked Charlotte to pick out her favorite color of crochet thread and she picked this peacock blue. Good thing I liked it!

Back Design Blocked

For this project I actually blocked the lace once I was finished with it. I know that you are suppose to do it for every project but normally the things I work on, blocking does not matter. I thought it would in this case. Boy did it!

Lace Too Long

Before I blocked out the lace it appeared to be the correct length. Once it was blocked out and sewn on the shirt it ended up being too long. Thankfully you can always undo what you’ve done in crochet and I took the rows out that were too long. I actually like the look of the bottom of the lace more now that I did when I completed a full pineapple block.

Lace Trimmed Down

When I was working on the sleeves I thought an additional pop of color would be a fun addition. I used the excess thread from the original lace design and set to work on a pineapple for each elbow. I used the same pattern, just modified it to show just the pineapple. Here’s the modified pattern.

pineapple sleeve pattern

I used the same steel hook as the main piece. Although it doesn’t show in my modified pattern I have the end double crochet stitches anchored to the previous end double crochet stitches so I had a solid line on either side to sew. (Does that make sense?)

Sleeve Lace

Here’s the finished sleeve piece.

Sleeve Close-up

For some reason I see little owls in the pineapples. When I have time I may figure out how to modify the pattern further so they are owls. Later this week I’ll show you how to sew everything in! I hope all of you are as excited as I am to see it come together!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Wow . . . I can’t believe you MADE your lace! It’s gorgeous!!!

  2. Absolutely love this shirt, thanks for sharing.

  3. Holy cow! You have a chart for it, with the math! THANK YOU!!! Yours is the only place I could readily find a breakdown like that! AwEsOmE shirt!

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