Men’s Shirt Refashion Part Two (The Shirt)

In Clothing, Crochet, DIY on June 14, 2013 at 11:11 am

Mens Shirt Before FrontEven though the shirt looks pretty big it was pretty close to being the right size (if I were to were men’s dress shirts). The neck was snug and the sleeves were perfect if I wore the shirt with cufflinks (since this was more a tuxedo shirt). With all of that fiting pretty well I didn’t need to do much.

Shirt Collar Before

I cut off the collar because even though I wanted a bit of a collar the full thing was just too much.

Shirt Collar After

See? So much better.

Sleeves After

I cut off the sleeves because I wanted to pull the seem higher and I wanted them to open at my elbow.

Sleeves Lined up

I used the sleeves themselves as the pattern to cut them a bit shorter. I also had the crease of the sleeve match up with the crease in the opening.

Arm holes sewn

The arm hole opening was  little big for my taste so I brought it in about an inch and made a smaller opening. I also took in the sides until about my hips the same amount to create a smaller silhouette.

Pinned Sleeves

Now I just had to pin the sleeves back on the shirt and get to sewing! The sleeves didn’t line up perfectly so I cut a little more off the top to get a nice clean line.

Sleeve Cuff Before

After the sleeves were added I wanted to do something with the cuff. It was just a bit too long.

Sleeve Cuff After

So I cut it at the first button hole then did a basic zig zag stitch to keep it from fraying.

I forgot to take a picture of this stage but I also put two darts in the front of the shirt to give it more of a flattering shape. The darts are just right under my bust line and end before my hips. I’ve done darts from the side seam in to the bust line but I don’t always like the way they turn out. This worked out well for me.

Men's Shirt Front After

So there’s the shirt itself! The back was left alone because that’s where the lace is going to be. It didn’t seem to make sense to me to do a lot of work to that portion of the shirt when it’s going to be changing anyway!

Part three is coming soon so keep reading!

Happy Crafting!


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