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Combining Old and New

In Clothing, Sewing on September 10, 2013 at 10:51 am

In the middle of August my Great Grandmother passed away. She was 99 years old and unfortunately had been sick for quite some time. We were blessed to have her as long as we did and blessed to have her suffering come to an end.

Great Grandma Visit

We were going up to Chicago for the funeral and the visitation and I wanted something new to wear. I decided that this was a perfect opportunity to make something.

I knew that I wanted a high-waisted pencil skirt and a flouncy blouse. I went through the pattern cabinet here at home and found exactly what I wanted. Thankfully my fabric stash also had what I wanted; the shirt is a silk blend that I found at Hancock Fabrics on clearance a few months ago and the skirt is corduroy that I found on the $2 rack at Wal-mart 1-2 years ago.

Pencil Skirt Pattern Sleeve

50s Shirt pattern sleeve

The skirt pattern (from 2003) wasn’t going to be high enough on my waist so I simply measured from my hips to where I wanted the top of the skirt to be and added the inches to the top of the pattern.

The shirt pattern (from 1953) and normally (at least in my experience) vintage patterns are really easy to follow and easy to make. This was the first one I’ve found that’s been difficult. The yoke on the back was not lining up correctly and after many, many trials and errors I re-cut the yoke piece (smaller this time) and was able to make it work.

Funeral Outfit Front

I loved how it turned out and I’ve been able to wear the skirt with quite a few other shirts.

Funeral Outfit Back

The unfortunate thing with the skirt is that I lost an inch off my waist about a week afterwards (no idea why I’m sure it has something to do with being finished breastfeeding and no longer lactating) and now the skirt is already looser than I’d like it to be! Thankfully it’s an easy design and easy to take in!

Have you had any luck with vintage patterns? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Crafting!


Fall Poncho

In Birthday Party, Clothing, Crochet, For a Kiddo on September 6, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Fall is not quite here yet but I am really itchin’ to get out my fall gear; with that in mind I thought I’d share something I was able to make last year.

My sister had been looking for posing ideas for their family pictures and came across this one on facebook.



She loved the poncho on the little girl and asked if I would be able to make one. I jumped at the chance!  I decided to do blooming granny squares because I wanted to give the poncho a little more of a girly flair to it.  I am also horribly particular when it comes to visual spacing and patterns so the poncho was not made of random squares.

Noel's Poncho

I ended up making the poncho too big. I wanted to make sure that she could grow into it but I don’t even think it will fit her this year. 😦 The poncho is made up from 16 granny squares and are joined with a basic single crochet stitch inbetween the squares. I added a basic picot trim to give it a little more oomph as well.


Noel's Poncho Side

The poncho was big on Charlotte but hey, there’s nothing wrong with wearing something you got on your first birthday when you’re three or four is there?


Noel's Poncho back

I’m going to try it again one day and just do smaller squares. I used an 8/H crochet hook without thinking about how big it would make my end product. It’s not worth doing if you don’t learn something from your mistake right?


Happy Crafting!

Men’s Shirt Refashion Part Three (Putting it Together)

In Clothing, Creative Fun, Crochet, DIY on June 17, 2013 at 10:47 am

So by this point everything is looking good and just needs some final steps!

Attached Lace

I sewed the top of the lace to the base of the collar on the inside of the shirt. Very important. You want the lace on the outside to have a clean nice line and this is the easiest way to hide any bumps.

Cut neckline

After the lace is attached, cut the the shirt at the base of the collar. Be careful not to cut the lace! Do not cut past the lace; in fact cut a little shy of it. You’ll avoid possible fraying from the opening being too large.

Lace Pulled through Neckline

Pull the lace through the opening. And start sewing! Sew along the side edges to be sure that the lace is properly attached to the shirt. I used my zig zag stitch to make life easier.

Lace Sewn on

This is what your shirt should look like. I mentioned in part one that my lace ended up being to long.

Lace Too Long

If your is too don’t worry! Just pull at the base of the lace until your rows match the bottom of the shirt.

Lace Trimmed Down

If you do this after you’ve sewn on the lace it will be easier because it will stop unraveling where the seam is.

Back of Shirt cut

After you’ve corrected the lace (if needed) cut the shirt behind the lace. The seam you created when sewing on the lace will keep the shirt from fraying too much. Just be sure to cut as close as possible!

Shirt back

Ta-da! Isn’t it pretty? I’m sure yours looks even better.

Sleeve Cuff with Lace

Now if you’re wanting to add the lace to the sleeves as well, that parts even easier. Line up the lace with the sleeve based on where you’d like and sew it on! I placed my lace on the underside of the seam so it was inside the shirt just as I did with top of the back lace.

Sleeve Close-up

See? Easy.

Men's Dress Shirt Refashion

The shirt is now finished! Hooray!!

The lace turned out awesome and the shirt did as well. I think I need to make another swatch of this lace in another color to add to another shirt. It really was a fun project! I can’t wait to see what you guys are able to create.

Happy Crafting!


Men’s Shirt Refashion Part One (The Lace)

Men’s Shirt Refashion Part Two (The Shirt)


Men’s Shirt Refashion Part Two (The Shirt)

In Clothing, Crochet, DIY on June 14, 2013 at 11:11 am

Mens Shirt Before FrontEven though the shirt looks pretty big it was pretty close to being the right size (if I were to were men’s dress shirts). The neck was snug and the sleeves were perfect if I wore the shirt with cufflinks (since this was more a tuxedo shirt). With all of that fiting pretty well I didn’t need to do much.

Shirt Collar Before

I cut off the collar because even though I wanted a bit of a collar the full thing was just too much.

Shirt Collar After

See? So much better.

Sleeves After

I cut off the sleeves because I wanted to pull the seem higher and I wanted them to open at my elbow.

Sleeves Lined up

I used the sleeves themselves as the pattern to cut them a bit shorter. I also had the crease of the sleeve match up with the crease in the opening.

Arm holes sewn

The arm hole opening was  little big for my taste so I brought it in about an inch and made a smaller opening. I also took in the sides until about my hips the same amount to create a smaller silhouette.

Pinned Sleeves

Now I just had to pin the sleeves back on the shirt and get to sewing! The sleeves didn’t line up perfectly so I cut a little more off the top to get a nice clean line.

Sleeve Cuff Before

After the sleeves were added I wanted to do something with the cuff. It was just a bit too long.

Sleeve Cuff After

So I cut it at the first button hole then did a basic zig zag stitch to keep it from fraying.

I forgot to take a picture of this stage but I also put two darts in the front of the shirt to give it more of a flattering shape. The darts are just right under my bust line and end before my hips. I’ve done darts from the side seam in to the bust line but I don’t always like the way they turn out. This worked out well for me.

Men's Shirt Front After

So there’s the shirt itself! The back was left alone because that’s where the lace is going to be. It didn’t seem to make sense to me to do a lot of work to that portion of the shirt when it’s going to be changing anyway!

Part three is coming soon so keep reading!

Happy Crafting!


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