Here is a collection of the funny things Charlotte has to say on a daily basis. I’ll post the newest ones on top. Enjoy! These will probably be good for a laugh. For her Charlotte-isms after she turned three please visit and her quotes will be listed by day.

Thanks for reading!

May 2013

*Charlotte will no longer tell us “yes”. She now responds with “uh-yea.” Late Ma 2013

*Charlotte has come up with a story to tell us whenever she is wanting to stall us. This is her story. “There was a doggie on the road. He didn’t listen. He got dead. Then he came back.” Late May 2013

*There is a new McDonald’s opening up this week near our house. As we were driving by Jason saw a giant Ronald McDonald balloon near the highway to advertize for the opening. He pointed it out to Charlotte and said, “Charlotte look a clown!” She replied (very seriously), “No Dad, that’s Ronald McDonald.” May 26, 2013

*This morning Charlotte was playing with her new dressing table and chair and had two combs in her hands. She started role playing with them. “I miss you Dad.” “I miss you too Honey.” She loves her Dad! May 5, 2013

*Tonight Charlotte wanted to go get pizza so we went to Pizza Street. She wasn’t really eating and I was asking her to take a bite. She looks down at her pizza and says in a quiet voice, “I don’t think I can do this.” May 1, 2013

April 2013

*I was coloring with Charlotte this morning and she looked up at me and said, “You’re a good helper!” Always glad to help 🙂 April 27, 2013

*We were outside planting some new trees and Charlotte thought she should help dig. When the worms starting coming up she backed up with a nice little backstep telling us that she did not like worms. “Oh really?” “Yes, I don’t like worms. *pause* I like Zebras.”  April 20, 2013

*Tonight at dinner I had looked at Charlotte’s plate and noticed she hadn’t taken any bites of her sandwich. I looked at her and said, “You haven’t even touched your sandwich yet.” She proceeds to lock eyes with me and ever so slowly point her finger down to her sandwich and poke it. No words, just a poke. April 10, 2013

*Charlotte and I were walking up our hill today and she told me she was hungry. I asked her want she wanted and she responded with, “Ummmm. I’m hungry for candy.” “No” She didn’t press any further. April 8, 2013

*My family spends Easter together at my Grandparent’s farm every year. Charlotte loves to go and see the cows, barn cats and to just walk around and see all there is to see. This year she comes running up to me after walking through one of the barns saying, “Mom! Do you want to see a cat that’s dead?” Apparently this girl has a thing with death. April 7, 2013

*Growing up I watched the movie “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. I found it on DVD a year or so back and thought Charlotte would like to watch it. About halfway through the movie she looks at me and says, “Mom is she going to die?” “No Charlotte, she’s not going to die.” Now she asks to watch the movie by name, “Broken My Heart”. April 5, 2013

*At dinner tonight with the girl’s Poppy and Nanna Charlotte told Poppy that she wanted to watch a movie. Poppy said he wanted to watch his tv show and she could watch it with him. She looks right at him, opens her arms for emphasis and says, “No Poppy. I need to watch my show.” April 4, 2013

March 2013

*We’re watching a movie and Charlotte said we needed to pause it so we could talk. I was curious so I paused the movie and said, “What do we need to talk about?” She then told me that we needed to pray for Grandma Scumacher to stop falling, that I would feel better, she would feel better, daddy would feel better, and that Grammie would feel better. When she wanted to pray over the DVD I knew we were finished. After we said, “Amen” she said, “Ok, turn the movie back on.” March 22,2013

February 2013

*I walk away for a minute and I come back to find Charlotte feeding Adelaide. At least she was doing it right! Feb. 11, 2013

*One of Charlotte’s favorite books is “Old Hat, New Hat” (classic Berenstain book, before the bears). She has most of the types of hats memorized and will tell you what they are. This particular evening when she got to the hat that was “too wrinkly” she promptly told us it was “too Grandma”. I guess she’s been seeing some wrinkles! Feb. 2013

January 2013

*Today I was playing with Charlotte and told her that she needed to tuck me in (we were laying on blankets in the toy room). I went through the same requests that I get every night and Charlotte gave me the responses she normally hears. “Cover me up!”(Okay) “Do it the RIGHT way!” (It is the right way) “I want a drink!” (No) “I need a story”(Only one story) “Hugs and Kisses!!” (Ok, these are the last ones). Jason comes home and a few hours later I have him play “bedtime” with her. He adds “I need to go potty” (Okay, GO!). When he asks for a drink she elaborated quite a bitt, “No. No drinks. You’ll pee pee in the bed!” BAHAHAHA!! I guess she felt that he needed something more than just a “No”. Jan. 31, 2013

*Charlotte loves to weigh herself after she goes to the bathroom. Today she got on saw her weight and jumped off the scale. She then looks at me and says. “You do it Mom.” I respond with “Sweet Pea, don’t make me do that.” She then quickly counters with, “Don’t be afraid Momma.” Oh if she only knew! Jan. 28th, 2013

*When Charlotte is in a mood we always ask her if she’s crabby. Now when she gets upset she’ll come tell you that her eyes are crabby. She’s not crabby, just get eyes are. Jan. 2013

*When Charlotte got up from her nap today she comes walking into the living room and says, “I took a long nap. Clap for me Momma!”. Jan. 18,2013

*We had Jason’s Dad and Step-Mom over for dinner and afterwards Charlotte and her Nana were playing in Charlotte’s room. Charlotte comes bursting into the living room and exclaims, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen! Now presenting, NANA!’. The little goof, who knows where she picks up these things. Jan. 13, 2013

*I asked Charlotte to put her cup back in the kitchen and she responds, ‘Yes your Majesty’. I suppose she has been watching Cinderella a bit too much. Jan. 10, 2013

*Oh boy. Charlotte just came around the corner. “I bumped the wall Mom. I need some tylenol.” Wow. Jan. 5, 2013

*Now Charlotte has a new thing to say to me when she’s getting mad at me, “I no speak to you!”. Again followed with her “humpf” and turning her back to me. Jan. 4, 2013

*Charlotte was causing problems at bedtime. Not wanting to go to bed and what-not. At one point she turns her back to me, nose up in the air and yells, “I’m an angry girl!” Followed with her now trademark “humpf”. That girl. Jan. 2, 2013

December 2013

*Tonight Charlotte storms into the room, hands on her hips, and yells “I need to check my email guys!”. My question is, “what’ s your email” and “who signed you up? Dec. 28, 2012

*Today Jason walks into the toy room and tells Charlotte she needs to pick up her Candyland game. She looks at him and exclaims, ” You got to be kidding me Dad!” Dec. 27, 2012

*Well Charlotte has left the presents under the tree wrapped for weeks now. Today she decided that she needed to open one of hers while we were in the other room. Of course it was her big one and I took it away and told her she’ll open it tomorrow. Now she’s following me around saying “I got Snow White!” Oh Dear… Dec. 24, 2012

*Tonight we went out for my birthday dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Before we get our food Charlotte stands up in her chair, pulls her pants down over her butt and says, “Look at my butt!”.  She was told to sit down and we CAN’T do that in public but it’s still funny. Where does she get this stuff?! Dec. 11, 2012

*We like to play a game and ask Charlotte who the best is. More often than not she responds with “Momma’s the best!” she also likes to pick other family members that are in the room. At dinner Jason asked Charlotte who the best was, once again she responded, ” Momma’s the best!”. When Jason asked her if he was the best she responded with, “We’re all the best!”. I guess her Dad doesn’t to be the best all by himself anymore. Dec. 10, 2012

*Charlotte woke Jason up this morning with this lovely phrase, “Wake up Dad! I want to talk to you about the animals.” Yesterday she had gone to Purina Farms with her Grammie after spending the night with her. By the time she got home Jason had already left for Journey to Bethlehem and Charlotte was in bed when he got home late that night. She clearly knew she needed to fill him in on everything Dec. 9th, 2012

*I have long hair at this point in time and Charlotte loves it! Every time I get out of the  shower she says she has to “do my hair”. She will comb it and play with it in general. She says that I have “Tangle’s hair” and “Sleeping Beauty’s hair”. She always hates when I put my hair up and tell her she’s going to have to stop for now. I think the girl will be heartbroken when I finally cut it again. Dec. 4, 2012

*Tonight we went to Journey to Bethlehem with my sister’s in-laws. (Journey is our church’s production. You travel the trail making the trip from Nazareth to Bethlehem and encounter priests, magi and many others before you end up in the stable with Baby Jesus was just born.) I decided to park in the overflow parking because I wasn’t sure how quickly the church’s parking lot was going to fill up. Since we where in the overflow parking we had to take the shuttle a.k.a. a yellow school bus over to the church. You’d think Charlotte hit the jackpot! She loved that school bus. She climbed right on board and took the very first seat. She couldn’t hid her excitement; she was beaming with joy! Dec. 1, 2012

November 2013

*Whenever Charlotte watches a Disney movie she has to “pop” the fireworks in the Disney logo opening. She’ll stand in front of the tv with her hands up saying “Schpu, schpu” and is popping them with her hands. As she starts she’ll look at whomever is in the room and say, “Pop fireworks with me!”. Nov. 2012

*Coming home from Wal-Mart this evening, Charlotte informed us that she needs to go to jail. When we asked her why she felt that she needed to go to jail, she replies, “My friends are waiting for me.” I thought all of her friends came from church; maybe we need to rethink the nursery. Nov. 30th, 2012

*Charlotte now has comebacks for her discipline. After a spanking; “Don’t hit me, I’m special”. After being told no, “Don’t talk to me like that”. After being told not to do something, “In a minute Honey!”. Nov. 30th, 2o12

*When Jason got home from work today, Charlotte informed him that her finger hurt and that “the cheese in the garage bit her finger”. He was confused to what she was referring to, until he found that the mousetrap in the garage had been sprung. The pieces now made sense. We hope Charlotte has learned a valuable lesson. (And FYI: her fingers are all okay!) Nov. 29th, 2012

*We had gone to the grocery store and were headed back home. Charlotte normally tells us that “We need to go to one more store” and didn’t miss a beat this time. I decided to come back this time with, “Charlotte we have to go home, I’m out of money.” She (very quickly) comes back with “Dad’s got money.” Jason replies (even quicker) “No, Daddy use to have money.” Nov. 15th, 2012

*Charlotte was eating a capful of cashews, looked down at Shiloh and yelled, “NO Shiloh! These are my cashews!” The poor dog didn’t know why she was being yelled at. Nov. 15th, 2012

*This morning Charlotte comes into the bathroom tapping her pointer finger on her lips muttering, “What do I want? What do I want?” Where does she come up with this stuff? Nov. 12, 2012

*At night our dog (Shiloh) tries to come into Charlotte’s room. Within seconds of the dog stepping paw in the room we hear, “GET OUT OF MY ROOM SHILOH!”. Apparently the dog is not welcome to sleep in her room. Oct & Nov. 2012

*Jason took Charlotte to Bass Pro Shops on a Daddy-Daughter errand. They already had their Christmas stuff out and Charlotte ran to the Christmas tree set-up. She looked all around and exclaimed, “I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!” It’s in her blood. Glad to know I’m going to have another Christmas-lover in the house. Nov. 7th, 2012

*I wasn’t feeling very well and was laying on the couch. Charlotte came up to me and asked if I was ok. I told her my stomach hurt and I wasn’t feeling well. She kissed me on the forehand and said, “It’s okay Momma. Do you need medicine?”. You have to love the little Momma in her coming out all ready. Nov. 7, 2012

*When coming home from Nashville Charlotte was starting to get crabby. I offered her books, coloring pages, etc. Finally Jason told her to “Watch the inside of her eyelids.” She didn’t skip a beat responding, “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP!”. I didn’t realize she had already figured out that trick! Nov. 4, 2012

*This morning she said she was sad. I asked her why and she responded “Because I’m crabby”. Nov. 1, 2012

October 2013

*We walked outside and Charlotte inhales deeply and says “Mmmmm smells like Bar-b-que.” (Someone had a fire going outside) Oct. 31, 2012

*We’re watching White Christmas and after a musical number Charlotte says “No! She doesnt want to go, she wants to keep dancing!” (Said after the song “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing”) Oct. 30, 2012

*She now gets a grumpy face on and says, “I’m mad at you Mom!” or Dad or guys. Normally within a few minutes she comes back and says, “I’m not mad anymore”. Oct. 2012

*She has started saying she needs to go to the library to “do business”. She also claims this is why she has to go to the basement. Oct. 2012

*Jason was eating some beef jerky and Charlotte asked for some. He gave her one piece and she looked at her hand and then back at him and said, “I have two hands Dad!”. He gave her another piece of jerky. 🙂 Early Oct. 2012


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